For artists perennially working on a shoestring, the advent of cheap
DV has opened up new dimensions of the imagination. From music videos
to gorgeously photographed art films, high-concept gags to experiments
in light, video-interactive live work to low-budget features, the
moving image is being embraced by the underground as never before.

BURN is a place for these sparks to combust.

Created in 2010 by Time Out London cabaret editor and film critic Ben
Walters, BURN has showcased work by Adrian, Alp Haydar, Miss Annabel
Sings, Avery Willard, Bette Bourne, Boris & Sergey, Bourgeois &
Maurice, Candee Handful, Charlie Hides TV, Clementine the Living
Fashion Doll, Cole Escola, Dara Birnbaum, David Hoyle, Dickie Beau,
Drew Droege (aka Chloe), EastEnd Cabaret, Ernesto Sarezale, Fabulous
Russella, Fancy Chance, Glenn O'Brien, Holestar, Jonny Woo, Justin
Vivian Bond, Kalup Linzy, Kate Pelling, La JohnJospeh (aka Alexander
Geist), the LipSinkers, Ma Butcher, A Man To Pet, Meow Meow, Michael
Twaits, Nando Messias, Nao Bustamante, Nathan Evans, Ophelia Bitz,
Rhyannon Styles, Sarah-Louise Young, Scottee, Taylor Mac, Ty Jeffries,
Up & Over It, Vaginal Davis, Wilfredo and many others.

Since debuting at Bistrotheque in Bethnal Green with three sold-out
events (including a screening of Uncle David with David Hoyle), BURN
has been part of the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival at BFI
Southbank, Mother’s Ruin at Manchester's Contact theatre, the Hot
August Fringe at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Mimetic at the Dugdale
Centre, Enfield.

As part of Performance Matters – a research project developed by
Goldsmiths, Roehampton University, the Live Art Development Agency and
Tate Modern – BURN co-produced the experimental documentary feature
THIS IS NOT A DREAM, which incorporated live performance by Dickie Beau.

It was selected for the London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, OutFest Los Angeles, Dirty
Looks NYC: On Location, Gaze Dublin and MIX Copenhagen, among others,
and will be released on DVD in 2013.